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    Jerusalem quiz:

    1:The story connecting Muhamad to Jerusalem is not part of the Quran.
    It was invented by the Damascus -based Umayyad Caliphs .
    Damascus rulers were so immoral that the Muslim leaders from Mecca forbidden the access of people under their rule to Mecca.
    They invented the story about the Muhammad dream and Jerusalem (that doesn’t exist in Quran) as a pilgrim replacement place to Mecca.
    After the access to Mecca was possible once again, Jerusalem didn’t pay any role for Umayyas ruled Arabs.

    2: How many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Jewish Bible and how many times in the Qur’an?
    -In the Old Testament Jerusalem is mentioned 457 times.
    -In the Qur’an Jerusalem doesn’t exist at all.

    2.1: Prof. Youssef Ziedan, a specialist in Arabic and Islamic studies in a series of interviews to Egyptian television stations he emphasizes one issue:
    !!!! There is actually no connection between Jerusalem and ancient Islam !!!

    2:2: What is ‘El Akza” ?.
    Prophet Muhammad used to travel between Mecca and Medina.
    On the way he was stopping for thinking and praying on one of two shrines.
    One shrine was close to the main road-
    The second shrine, far away from the main road was named “El Akza'(fare away)’

    El Akza is not Jerusalem.

    3; To which direction of Muslims and Jews are praying worldwide?
    -The Muslims face Mecca.
    -The Jews face Jerusalem.

    4; Do the Muslims and Jews pray for Jerusalem?
    -Muslims ceremonies don’t include Jerusalem.
    -The Israelis, for the last 2700 years pray,celebrate in ceremonies such weddings and bar mitzvah-“”next year inJerusalem””
    No other capital worldwide has a parallel tradition.

    5: How Jerusalem is covered by Islamic and Jewish literature?
    **“Unfortunately, there is no Islamic literature on the subject””
    Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi referred to the absence of Jerusalem:
    ***Jerusalem, for the last 2700 years is covered in thousands of Jewish books, poems and songs

    6: Was Jerusalem ever being a capital of a Muslim country?
    1,300 years of Muslim Arab rule,Jerusalem was never the capital of an Arab entity.

    7: Did the Palestinians required Egypt and Jordan to form a Palestinian state in the West bank and Gaza withJerusalem as the capital while the areas where conquered by them after the 1947 attack on the nesting Israel?
    *No- they didn’t require!
    Palestine Liberation Organization’s start the demand to control Jerusalem after Israel regained control of East Jerusalem in 1967.

    8: How Jerusalem was described by visiting Western writers?
    Jerusalem had been so neglected by Islamic rulers that writers who visited Jerusalem were moved to write about it.
    French writer Gustav Flaubertfound “ruins everywhere” during his visit in 1850.
    Mark Twain wrote in 1857 that Jerusalem had “become a pauper village.”

    9: Population of Jerusalem until 1945
    Year — %Jews
    1714 — 70
    1844– 45.9
    1896 — 61.9
    1931– 56.6
    1945 — 60.4

    10:How Christians and Jews of Jerusalem were treated under Jordanian government?

    *All Jewish residents were expelled.
    *Access of Jews to the holy welling wall was forbidden.
    *Jewish holy sites were damaged. 58 synagogues were desecrated or demolished in the Old City.
    * Jerusalem Mount olive cemetery used by Jews continuously for the last 3000 years was badly damaged.
    The Jordanians uprooted and damaged 38,000 tombstones some from the First Temple Period and four roads were paved through the cemeteries
    * Jordan’s restrictive laws on Christian institutions led to a dramatic decline in the holy city’s Christian population–31,330 in 1945 to 11,000 1967/
    (Under Israel government to Christian population grow from 11.000 in 1968 to 15.000 in 2013)
    11: Conclusion: Arabs Jerusalem story was born in sin, without any cultural connection to Arab culture, never was a capital of a Muslim state, totally negated and during the history it is used only as a temporary political tool!
    Only China- no other country or nation worldwide has a historical culture dating the last 3500 years o unchanged; one religion-one language- one culture- one capital.


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